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I’m John Lipe, and This Is My Agency.

Building brands, growing companies, and helping others succeed in reaching their goals. That’s what I’ve spent my career doing. Over the last couple years, I have built a new company. One that helps people achieve their own successes. We pride ourselves in the standard we constantly deliver to our clients. I have scoured the globe looking for the right talent, the best experts, and the most successful teams.

Now, we all work together to bring you the absolute best marketing possible in the modern world. With a combination of incredible visual talents and proven growth tactics, we deliver for our clients the most important foundation that they could ever build a company on.

  • Founder of 5 Companies

    I started my first business when I was 19, knowing absolutely nothing. Over the last decade, I have grown from trials and triumphs, learning lessons that are extremely valuable to those who want to start or expand their company or brand.

  • Expert Perspective

    Throughout my career, I have gained highly valuable skills and perspective by working directly for international corporations, global brands, and unique startups. These roles have given me the foresight to guide your business to level it deserves to be.

  • Truly Creative Direction

    When developing a brand, you need creative talent that is truly creative. I’ve developed brands on every level possible, startups to corporations, brand identity to app design. Now, my team and I are here to develop your brand in the most creative and marketable way.

  • Global Experience

    My team and I have worked with brands that span the globe. With 12 countries impacted and counting, we see the whole picture. Having your brand stand out is crucial in this modern connected economy. Not only will we take you there, but you’ll shine in the process.


“John Lipe understands a brand needs to connect with an audience and, more importantly, drive action. Him and his team created a compelling story that resonated with our market segment and separated us from the sea of channel partners, grabbing the attention of Microsoft and Amazon.”

Terri J.
Former Marketing Director – Seattle Startup

FAQs: Our Services

“What’s your process when working with new clients?”

First, we start with a Free Consultation that will focus on where you are, where you want to be, and how we can help you get there. Then, we do our own research on your industry and market niche and decide on the absolute best way to reach your goal. After we identify the path to take, we will offer you options on how to get there. Once we are all agreed on where we should go, and what services to employ, we will then get started in the most convenient way for you.

“Why are there no prices on your site?”

The short answer is that we like to talk about what we can do, not how much it costs. The long answer is more complicated in that 1) Pricing varies on the size of client, market fluctuations, etc, and 2) We like to be private when dealing with financials so that all clients are protected from every angle.

“Where are you located?”

We’re based out of downtown Seattle, Washington in the heart of Amazon, Google, and Facebook ground zero. Members of our agency’s team are located around the globe including Canada, Europe, and Asia.

“What about custom solutions?”

Of course we offer custom solutions. Although we have specific packages for different services, we often go outside of those margins and build custom results. From specific UI designs for new apps, or a combination of different growth techniques, we will absolutely find the best result driven process for you and your business.

“Can we hire you to work with our in-house marketing team?”

Yes. We have often worked with and directed in-house marketing teams. Sometimes, this is the best approach for larger corporations who know they have the team to grow but just need the right direction to get there. We can help your marketing team with design, marketing, and growth tactics via consulting. If you’re in need of a long term solution, just contact us and we can talk about how we can help you build for the long haul.

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