What Can a Branding Agency Do for Your Startup?


Your brand sets you apart. As a business owner in Seattle, it doesn’t matter if your company is a thriving corporation engaging in brisk import/export sales, or if you are a startup working from a home office in your basement – your heart and soul, your financial savings and all your dreams are in that company. You need to work with a branding agency that knows and respects the hard work and dedication you have put into your business. You deserve nothing less than the best, and that is what my firm, the John Lipe agency delivers.

Here’s how the right branding agency in Seattle can revolutionize your startup.

Showcase Your Visual Personality

My agency can ensure your company’s visual personality is fully developed and showcased effectively. This means logos and word/visual cues that truly represent your products and services – and that create a positive association and lasting impression.

Example: The WWF panda. This logo captures the spirit of the World Wide Fund for Nature because it reminds you about endangered species and evokes sympathy and caring (who doesn’t love a cuddly panda?). A logo of a burning tree, for example, could also represent the need to save nature, but it has a much more negative connotation.

My team and I will create visuals that become immediately recognized as your brand – and they will inspire confidence in your products.

Develop Your Personality

Your company will grow and change, and that means your brand will grow and change, too. My agency will set a path for growth from the start in order to design a campaign that is flexible enough to grow with your business.

Example: One of the most recognized brands in the world is Coca-Cola, yet the company has changed its logo more than five times since 1886! Thanks to expert marketing and brand positioning, the “soul” of Coca-Cola is consistent across the many changes as the company continues to update their brand to meet new and changing markets.

Consistency and Conversion

It’s not enough to have a positive association with your visual identity. Customers need to purchase your products in order for your company to survive. My agency works across all marketing mediums – traditional print advertising, social media, promotional materials, business cards. When your brand leads potential clients to your website or storefront, they need to be inspired to go from visitors to buyers.

My team and I at JohnLipe.com can do all of this – and more – for your business.

As a successful entrepreneur of many diverse startup companies, I know and understand what you need. My agency was born out of a passion to help other entrepreneurs succeed and become profitable. To do that, a strong, flexible, effective branding strategy is required, and that is exactly what my agency, JohnLipe[.com] delivers.

Trust the experts that have taken companies such as Tradition Brewing Co., Digital Fortress, and Full Lyfe to another level. Is your brand the next to achieve this level of success? Contact the John Lipe agency today if you want the world to know and love your brand.