Cutting Corners Never Works: SEO Techniques Google Hates


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For most SEO companies in Seattle, achieving top search rankings do not happen overnight. Instead, it involves a mix of optimized on- and off- page content, well-researched strategies, long-term search values, and relevant content.

Long story short: ranking on Google is rarely easy.

Most white hat SEO strategies take longer times to see results. Today, however, people want outcomes in a snap — and their reasons are valid. The competition for the market online is fiercer than ever due to advancements in technology. As more people rely on the Internet for answers, more companies struggle for its attention.

If a brand gets to the consumer first, it’s game over for the others.

Black hat SEO techniques easily seduce brands and SEO experts alike, but it is never the best way to go. Still, differentiating white hat SEO from the black or gray variety proves to be a challenge.

Search engine optimization continuously changes. What works now might end up forbidden later.

Here at John Lipe Marketing Agency, we’re setting the record straight. If you want to earn Google’s favor, stay away from these optimization techniques:

Keyword Stuffing

There was a time when Google was a big fan of keywords — the more, the better.

The content marketing game before was simple: quantity over quality. Digital marketers produced tons of zero-value content, which pushed their brands to the top of the search results.

Keyword stacking (or keyword stuffing) was popular during its days because of its simple process. All you have to do was stuff everything with keywords; from the meta-tags to the actual content, everything should have the keyword.

2017 Google, however, wants more authentic content. “Reader-first” is the goal and if brands and marketers fail to align, they are in big trouble.

With a smarter technology, the search engine easily detects and penalizes sites that produce low-quality, keyword-stuffed, or plagiarized content.


Some marketers love this old school SEO technique for its ability to display two pieces of content on a single page. The bots feed on the first text for crawling while the actual readers receive the second one.

Cloaking falls under the “Advanced Black Hat SEO Techniques” category. If you wished to maximize its capabilities, you’d have to identify Google’s spiders by IP first and deliver the content yourself. It’s an unpleasant cycle of abusing scripts, behind-the-scenes codes, and delivering unrelated content to users.

Content Swapping

Google is popular for outsmarting marketers who try to fool around with it. But there was once a time when the search engine giant’s intelligence lagged behind.

Several years ago, SEO experts manipulated Google through tricks that messed with its algorithms and indexes. Content swapping was one of the most popular ploys.

All they had to do was post content on a website and wait for the bots to crawl and index it. The site should also be on the search display. Before the indexing could finish, strategists should close the page and swap content — fast.

Google has never been a big fan of content swapping, but since it wasn’t quick enough to re-index sites, black hat SEO professionals got away with the deed.

Fortunately, changes in SEO enabled Google to cut out sites closed from indexation. As a result, content swapping is no longer a viable strategy.

Spammy Footers

No one likes spam — especially Google.

So, if any part of the site thrives in spam, particularly the footer, you are in big trouble.

Footers are helpful elements in websites. Visitors can navigate through sections easily, as well as gain valuable information about the brand. While footers should be informative, those stuffed with one-too-many links and tags easily discourage users.

Websites heavily dependent on tag- and link-filled footers end up on Google’s bad side. Two of the search engine’s algorithm updates, Panda and Penguin, taught them a lesson in website structure and tag manipulation.

The Bottom Line

What’s the lesson here?

If you want to earn Google’s favor, never cut corners.

The search engine giant continuously evolves in its pursuit of better user experience. Manipulative SEO strategies have no place in its platform. If your strategies don’t bring real value to customers, don’t expect Google to like you.

Our team’s a big fan of real value and we want your business to thrive in it, too. Regardless of your site’s current rankings, we’ll update your SEO strategy to earn the ranking your site deserves.

Talk to us today to learn more about our techniques and strategies.