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Too many companies in the market today are sporting horrible logos and looks that do nothing to promote or sell.

My name is John Lipe, myself and my team are based in Seattle, WA now, but for over a decade I have been working with clients all over the globe to achieve their digital needs. Over the years, my team and I have seen digital design evolve, and the expectations of our clients change. We have more than managed to keep pace with the changes in the industry and in doing so, this puts us in a position that has a strategic advantage over other agencies. We know the ins and outs of modern digital design which makes us a highly ranked choice for your digital design and marketing. Combined with our branding, SEO, creative, and graphic design services, we can enhance the digital footprint of your brand in an extremely impactful way.

We have worked with startups as well as established organizations on their digital campaigns. Regardless of the industry you operate in, we have the digital solutions you are looking for. We have the agility and the flexibility to meet your changing needs, placing myself and my team of experienced digital experts at your disposal to ensure your needs are met completely. This way, even if your needs increase over time, we have the resources to meet them. This ensures you don’t have to go to a different agency if when your campaign grows over a period of time.

Our standard practice is to keep communication lines open with our clients to ensure their clients are met. We are on call, whenever you need us. We look forward to client feedback so we can move full steam ahead with your digital project. We maintain our focus on the expectations of your audience so that your digital campaign not just reaches but also impacts your target audience. This enables you to maximize conversions and boost sales. In other words, you focus on what you do best while we back you up with high-quality digital services.

Our process entails incorporating your ideas into our work to ensure each and every requirement you outline is met 100%. We believe in open communication and collaboration, so at no stage will you feel that we have initiated radio silence. We guarantee the deadline and budget for your project will be met! This way, you won’t have to worry about the progress on your project.

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“For the international launch of our startup, John Lipe helped plan our market entry into the United States and Asia. Their direct way of pointing out issues and coming up with potential solutions makes them an outstanding partner. They’re not afraid to criticize ideas in order to achieve better outcomes; which makes for a refreshing cooperation, especially for a European company”

Michael B.

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