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When it comes to link building, there is one big rule: retain the good links and eliminate the bad ones. But how can you determine bad links and what can you do to get rid of them? That’s where our link cleanup service comes in. We have the tools and resources to polish your link portfolio and protect your reputation.

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Maximize Your Impact.

Link cleanup also helps your site recover from any penalty or warning given by Google.

Clear Out Toxic Backlinks.

Our services provide an easier way to reduce toxic backlinks and appeal for reconsideration in case you receive a notice of penalty.

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Link Cleanup Services

Link Cleanup: Small Package

The basic cleanup package is ideal for websites without an active Webmaster warning. We can identify and remove up to 2,000 bad backlinks. We’ll ask the domain webmasters to remove the toxic backlinks in your portfolio. If this option doesn’t work, we’ll use the Google Disavow tool to remove such links.

This package comes with a backlink analysis, on-page testing, content quality evaluation, and Google on-page violation testing. It does not include any reconsideration request.

A Simple Cleanup.

Link Cleanup Small

The Link Cleanup Small Package is a simple way to polish your ranking.


Fix Panda Problems.

Link Cleanup Medium

This will get you back on track after Google’s Penguin Update.


Link Cleanup: Medium Package

Prepare your website for the latest Penguin update. We provide an effective end to end recovery program for websites with history of Webmaster warning. We’ll clean up to 7,500 links and create a reconsideration request after link detox.

We’ll analyze your active backlinks to identify the links and domains we need to remove. We’ll provide Google Search Console setup if necessary. The package includes the following:

• Link Assessment Report
• Content Quality Evaluation
• Link Removal Report
• Google On-Page Violation Testing
• On-Page Testing

Link Cleanup: Large Package

If your site has an active Webmaster warning and penalty, this link cleanup package is right for you. We can remove more than 7,500 links and provide two reconsideration requests to help your site recover from these extremely detrimental penalties.

We’ll use the same strategies as the other packages to remove bad links from your backlink portfolio. Google Disavow would be our best option if manual outreach won’t work.

Rid All Penalties!

Link Cleanup

This Package maximizes penalty fixes, allowing your site to finally rank.



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Entrepreneur & Founder

Highly Crafted Cleanup Plans to Fix Your Site Penalties.

Compare all of the incredible features packed into each of our Link Cleanup Packages.


  • Download backlinks from Webmaster
  • Run
  • Classify Toxic links list
  • Run tool
  • Remove toxic backlinks
  • Clear view of backlink make up
  • Qualifying each backlinks health
  • Anchor text extraction
  • Risk level analysis
  • URL trust factor assessment
  • C Class Sub Net Diversity
  • Link Percentage Risk Evaluation
  • In Link URL Inclusion Report
  • Exportable backlinks list to Excel
  • Raw data backlink list
  • Has or has a history of Webmaster Warning
  • Has or has a history of a Penalty
  • Historical links
  • Legacy domains
  • Reconsideration may be required
  • Link Building Years
  • Remove up to
  • Requires historic SEO work reports
  • Needs 2 rmoov accounts
  • Without an active webmaster warning
  • No manual penalties
  • Day Preliminary Backlink Analysis
  • Google Search Console
  • GSC Link Extraction and Analysis
  • Enrollment into Detox
  • Link Toxicity Review
  • @Domain E-mail Registration
  • RMOOV Account Setup
  • Campaign Launch
  • Link Removal Report Analysis
  • Disavow File Creation
  • Disavow File GSC Submission
  • Reconsideration Request
  • On Page Google Violation Testing
  • Look at 1 page for spam violations
  • Content Quality Evaluation
  • Link Assessment Report
  • Link Removal Report
  • .txt Disavow File Inclusion


  • Less than 2000
  • Less than 500
  • Less than 3
  • 400 links
  • 1


  • More than 2000 but less than 7500
  • Referring less than 1000
  • More than 3 but less than 5
  • 600 links
  • 3


  • More than 7500 but less than 15000
  • Up to 2000
  • More than 5
  • 1000 links
  • 3

FAQs: Link Cleanup Services

“When/How to know if my site needs a link clean up?”

We recommend that you have a link clean up when you suspect an algorithmic penalty and if there are unnatural links warning. Check your Google Search Console regularly to see if you have any penalty.

“How soon can I recover from a Google penalty?”

Unfortunately, the time frame of your Google penalty recovery depends on your case. Some sites are able to recover from a Google penalty in mere weeks while others take years to clean their backlink portfolio and eventually be able to lift Google’s penalty.

“What is ‘disavow’ ?”

A disavow is the removing of toxic links in your website. Google allows webmasters to submit a disavow list. These are normally links that you have already reached out to but are unresponsive to your request to take down the offending link.

“What is involved in a link cleanup campaign?”

Link Cleanups involve emailing web masters of sites with the offending parties and then working with Google to remove the links or reduce the links from websites that are unresponsive. For a lot of sites, this entails sending thousands of emails to take down links created from bad SEO.

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