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We offer an all-in-one solution to your local marketing needs. We combined Local SEO, Facebook Local, and PPC in one package to help you build a strong web presence. Our service bundles will provide the visibility and traffic your local business needs.

Local Marketing packages in Seattle
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We have included some of the best tactics we employ and bundled them all together.

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Local Marketing Bundles

Local: Starter Bundle

This service bundle combines Local Basic and Facebook Local to help establish the local presence of your small business. It comes with a unique social media strategy, content strategy, competitor analysis, and brand analysis. We’ll set up your Facebook page and verify your local business. A customized Facebook campaign will increase your foot traffic and brand awareness.

We’ll create content based on your promos and other offerings. We’ll target up to five keywords and create a maximum of one keyword group. Our team will help you set a specific ad budget and provide monthly Facebook performance reports. The package also comes with extensive on-page optimization of up to five pages.

Start light, Grow Big.

Local Starter Bundle

Best for new businesses that need a boost to get off the ground.


Get Seen, Get Paid.

Local Presence Bundle

Built for local businesses who want more foot traffic.


Local: Presence Bundle

This package is a combination of Local Silver and Facebook Local and aims to help small businesses increase their visibility and foot traffic. We’ll create a custom Facebook campaign that targets customers within your service areas. Our team will produce content according to your monthly promos and other offerings. We’ll set a Facebook ad budget to boost your post and reach your target audience. There will be monthly reports to give you an idea how your campaign is performing.

The package also comes with a content strategy, on-page optimization (up to 5 pages), and brand and competitor analysis. We’ll also handle your Facebook Page Setup and Local Business Verification.

Local: Search Marketing Bundle

This package integrates PPC Small with Local Silver to drive paid traffic to your local business. We’ll optimize up to 10 pages in your site and target two keywords with a search volume of up to 2,000 (1,000 per group). The package also includes monthly reporting, Google AdWords Account setup, bid optimization, keyword research, and analytics monitoring, among many other services. Get in touch with us for a complete list of package inclusions.

Drive Instant Traffic!

Local Search Marketing Bundle

Incredible combo of SEO and PPC will bring new business in, quick.


Become A Powerhouse!

Omni Local Marketing Bundle

All the best tactics, all in one place, will expand your growth and reach.


Omni-Local Marketing Bundle

A combination of PPC Small, Facebook Local, and Local Silver, the omni-local marketing bundle is a complete solution to your local marketing needs. It comes standard with a unique social media strategy and a customized Facebook campaign that aims to boost your local presence. Some of the services included are Google AdWords account setup, built-in ad budget, monthly performance reporting, ad text creation, conversion tracking and analytics monitoring. Contact us to learn more about the services included in the bundle.


“John Lipe has helped me succeed in starting multiple brands. This includes health centers, non-profit organizations, and community outreach programs. Through creativity and precision, we created an immediate value within the market.”

Gray B.
Entrepreneur & Investor

FAQs: Local Marketing Bundles

“Who are these products for?”

These products are best for small businesses (B2Cs) who can attract local foot traffic (such as restaurants, barbers, plumbers, gardeners).

“What do the Local Marketing Bundles do?”

Local Marketing Bundles provide high-quality creatives that deliver on the brand’s main message, regardless if it’s for trial, consideration, awareness, or retrial. Each post is then targeted to a specific localized audience crafted from our industry data partners. We then boost each post for a certain amount to guarantee the reach.

“What is ‘Audience’ and ‘Targeting’ why does it matter?”

Facebook’s strength in advertising comes with its ability to hone in on people who are most likely to respond well to certain ads. Facebook is able to do this by creating “Audiences” based on interests and then “Targeting” these audiences and attaching other relevant factors such as platforms, behaviors, demographics to create a more in-depth audience. To identify the best audience for our clients, we go a step further by using our partner industry data research tools to create the best audiences. Using analysis of interactions over social media, we create “Affinities” which is essentially levels of interest to a brand based on actual activity on Facebook. This allows us to create a much more powerful audience set and much better targeting which then makes our ad spends efficient and our delivery of the message better.

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