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Your business needs a customized PPC strategy to support your SEO campaign and other digital marketing initiatives. We offer Pay Per Click Management services to help achieve your goals. Depending on your goal, we can help you set a specific monthly budget for your PPC campaign. Find out which is right for your business.

Research & Optimization Included.

Our PPC Packages include keyword research to identify the search terms that will work best for your business.

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Our dedicated PPC specialist team will create, manage, and monitor your ongoing Google AdWords campaign.

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Pay Per Click Management Services

PPC: Starter Package

For campaigns with a Starter Ad Spend Budget ($500 – $1,000/Mo). This basic package provides your business the spark to ignite the fire and start growing your web presence through paid ads. We can target up to 10 ad groups and create three ad texts for your PPC Starter campaign. The package comes with an affordable setup and monthly fee.

PPC Starter Package provides your business with a team of dedicated PPC specialists who Create, Manage & Monitor your Google Adwords Campaign on your behalf. Keyword research to analyze which search terms will be more beneficial for your business & provide the small business owner the basic digital presence needed in both Google and its other Search Partners.

The PPC Starter Package includes free Landing Page Analysis, daily performance monitoring, reporting, dashboard integration and reporting, and consultation.

Perfect For Startups!

PPC Starter Package

The PPC Starter Package will drive new traffic fast on a Budget.


Fast, Lean Growth.

PPC Small Package

The PPC Small Package is a powerful asset for growing businesses.


PPC: Small Package

For campaigns with a Small Ad Spend Budget ($1,001-$3,000)/Mo). This package includes everything that we can do for your campaign, provided it falls under the specified budget. We’ll target up to 200 keywords and create up to 20 ad groups, along with 6 ad texts. The package also comes with Google My Business Optimization and placement of ads on Map Search.

The PPC Small Package also includes free Landing Page Analysis, daily performance monitoring, reporting, dashboard integration and reporting, and consultation.

PPC: Medium Package

For campaigns with Medium Ad Spend Budget ($3,001 – $5,000/Mo). The medium package is ideal for businesses that need a search network, remarketing, and display network. We’ll provide two reports and three bid optimizations per month. We’ll also target up to 300 keywords and 30 ad groups. Our dedicated PPC specialists will optimize your Google My Business page and place your ads on Map Search. The package also comes with free retargeting, and landing page analysis.

This plan is for the business that needs to grow from an already strong foundation. A higher budget will absolutely help when using this package to grow your business rapidly.

The PPC Medium Package includes free Landing Page Analysis, daily performance monitoring, reporting, dashboard integration and reporting, and consultation too.

Go From Big to Huge.

PPC Medium Package

The PPC Medium Package takes your brand to the next level.


The Ultimate Boost!

PPC Large Package

The PPC Large Package is built for extreme traffic growth.


PPC: Large Package

For campaigns with Large Budget ($5,001 – $10,000/Mo). You can expect more from this package as it comes with a big budget. We’ll provide daily bid optimization, weekly reporting, and weekly project manager consultation. Our PPC specialists will create 12 ad texts and up to 50 ad groups. We can target up to 500 keywords, giving us more opportunities to boost your web presence and traffic.

The package also comes with Free Retargeting, Free landing page analysis, Ads on Map Search, and Google My Business Optimization


“I feel John Lipe understood my intent and offered so much as a result. John Lipe has been very easy to work with and grasped my business with little interpretation required. I intend to hire him and his team again in the future to work on further developing my business model. Highly recommended.”

Katina G.
Founder – Modern Digs

Perfectly Scaled PPC Plans Plans For Every Business.

Compare all of the incredible features packed into each of our PPC Packages.


  • Keywords
  • Ad Groups
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Reporting
  • Bid Optimization
  • Retargeting/GDN
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization and Setup
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Ads on Map Search
  • Search Marketing Platform
  • Google Display Network
  • Text Ads
  • Graphics Ads Creation
  • App Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Automatic Extensions
  • Keyword Research
  • Daily Budget Set-up
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Campaign Structuring
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Ad Extensions
  • Set-up Report
  • Auditing
  • Bidding
  • Ad Copy Test
  • Ad Extension Management
  • Keyword Management
  • Negative Keywords
  • Report Analysis
  • Report Generation
  • Project Manager Consultation


  • Up to $1,000
  • Up to 100
  • Up to 10
  • 3
  • Monthly
  • Once a Week
  • Additional $250 (setup)
  • Additional $250
  • Additional $250 (setup)
  • Additional $199
  • 2 hours
  • Monthly
  • Monthly


  • Up to $3,000
  • Up to 200
  • Up to 20
  • 6
  • Monthly
  • Twice a Week
  • Additional $250 (setup)
  • Additional $250
  • Additional $250 (setup)
  • Additional $199
  • 4 hours
  • Monthly
  • Monthly


  • Up to $5,000
  • Up to 300
  • Up to 30
  • 12
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Thrice a Week
  • Additional $250
  • Additional $199
  • 6 hours
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly


  • Up to $10,000
  • Up to 500
  • Up to 50
  • 20
  • Weekly
  • Everyday
  • Additional $250
  • Additional $199
  • 10 hours
  • Weekly
  • Weekly

FAQs: Pay Per Click Management Services

“What is PPC?”

Pay Per Click (or SEM – Search Engine Marketing in Google’s parlance) is a type of advertising strategy that directs traffic to your website from an ad that you paid a search engine or host website to post. It is basically the amount of money spent to get your advertisement from a search engine or website that you don’t own to be clicked.
Types of PPC campaigns are:
– Search Adwords Campaign
– Remarketing on the Google Display Network

“Does PPC always put my ad on the top of Google?”

No, and in most cases, you wouldn’t want it to be. The Google AdWords system does not just take into account the bid price when arranging the sponsored ads. The position of any ad takes into account over one hundred different factors including your quality score, volume of clicks, and website & content relevancy, enabling Google to deliver the right results to end users and empowering smaller advertisers to compete with other advertisers who have much higher budgets. If any company or agency was to offer you top spot or guaranteed positions our advice is to walk away immediately, it’s simply not possible.

“What does PPC do for my business?”

It improves your online presence on Google search and increases the chance of targeting the right customers at the right time.

“Will it ensure sales and leads to our business?”

No. Just like any type of advertising, Google AdWords can never guarantee any sure sales or customers. Once your ads are posted on Google Search, we can no longer control the decision of your potential customers. The most that we can do is target the right people at the right time. And the rest is upon their discretion.

“Why do I need PPC when I have SEO, and vice-versa?”

Any SEO campaign done in a safe, organic way will take some time to rank. A business could utilize PPC to advertise on the search page for the same keywords while the SEO campaign is still gaining momentum. PPC is also useful if you want to maximize the search page. There are different businesses located on the search page. To fully maximize it, use PPC. While it is impossible to rank for a competitor’s brand organically, this is common practice in an AdWords campaign. As for the other way around, PPC is not SEO dependent. It does not rely on Google search algorithms. It’s an advertising campaign that takes advantage of Google’s nature as a search engine. Unlike SEO, PPC will never generate free traffic because Google is ranking you based on your ad spend and not the quality of your site. SEO is an investment in the quality of your site and not just an investment in gaining organic rankings.

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