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As you know, every person you run into will have a different personality. They look different, talk different, and even walk different. Same goes for every brand. Every brand is unique. Every brand needs a face. Every brand needs a voice. My team and I can help you find the right face and voice for your brand. I have assembled a team that stretches around the globe and brought them to work for me under my name, John Lipe, to serve you and grow your brand. Working together, we believe your brand image can give you an edge over your competitors. We have the experience and the expertise to help you achieve just that. My teams and I follow a comprehensive, step by step process to define your business’ visual personality, and develop plans to grow it.


“John Lipe has helped me succeed in starting multiple brands. This includes health centers, non-profit organizations, and community outreach programs. Through creativity and precision, we created an immediate value within the market”

Gray B.
Entrepreneur & Investor

Two Words: Process & Presentation.

We’ve created an exclusive multi-step, sequential approach to creating the perfect brand identity for clients. This process includes:

  • Connector.

    The Brand Audit

    A brand audit, where we take our time to understand your business. We get to know your company, what it stands for, how it works, and who its customers are. We also evaluate the current image of your brand from the viewpoint of your target audience by analyzing your online presence, including your reach on social media.

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    Identity Development

    Based on the brand audit, we create a brand strategy catered to the unique needs of your business. At this stage, we develop design concepts to create a corporate identity for your business and also look for avenues to launch your brand in its evolved form. Your market will be targeted based using visual appeal, advanced color theory, and foundational design principles.

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    High Visual Conversion

    The strategy we create enables us to expand your new brand throughout all collateral marketing material. From logos and business cards to web design and social media, we implement a seamless transition in terms of design to make your brand instantly recognizable. We know through experience that a logo or even your website could be the sole chance to convert customers. Our branding strategy covers each element involved to present a cohesive face of your brand that sells directly to your potential customers.

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    Perfect Brand Consistency

    We launch your fresh or evolved brand. From there, we can continue to grow your brand image and keep it consistent, while it gains increasing exposure. You can focus on the core areas of your business and achieve your goals while we take care of the branding part. We thrive while creating consistency across the board during the entirety of your brand management campaign.

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Originality and Uniqueness in all Concepts

Complete Creation and Management of your Brand

Expert Visual Identity, Brand Image, and Graphic Design

Better Branding that Yields Higher Return on Investment

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