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We’re a full-service graphic design agency based here in Seattle, WA. The power of great design is best expressed through visuals, not words. Even though the mediums have changed over the decades, great design remains a timeless foundation within the success of every powerful brand.

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Our process involves great design at every corner, allowing us to consistently deliver incredible results.

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Too many companies in the market today have settled for horrible brand identities that do nothing to promote or sell effectively.

Myself and my team understand the important role design plays in marketing your business. After working with literally hundreds of brands throughout the years, I understand this more than most. The growth of your business depends on how your target audience perceives it and through effective, topnotch graphic design services, we ensure your business gets a face which connects and also gets the message across. We take our time to build a story visually around your brand that sends the message you want to share with your target audience. Working together, we are able to interpret it and share it via our design creativity.

We offer a range of graphic design services based in Seattle but expand the world globally, both online and offline. Even if your brand does not have a personality yet, we will define and create it for you. All you need to do is discuss your needs with myself, and me and my team of experts will take it from there. Relying on our experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of quality graphic design, we will come up with design prototypes. The process is full of open communication, and precise execution.

The graphic products we offer range from the logo of your brand to the interface of your website. This can also include User Interface design and even mobile application design. My team and I have worked on projects for clients spanning a massive spectrum, serving businesses across multiple industries. We can guarantee we will provide the graphic design solutions are you seeking. We aim to be your number one source for all your design needs, growing a positive relationship in the process. This is why I have a team of experts whom we put at your disposal once you hire us for your project. From logo designers to website designers, we specialize in all types of graphic design, enabling you to get design which is consistent across the board. One look at any material put out by your brand will resonate with your customers.

That is not the extent of our services. Discuss your graphic design needs with us and we will come up with ideas to deliver the exact product you need. We won’t treat you like a client. We believe in collaboration and open communication with our clients. Even the smallest tidbit you share with us regarding your project will be incorporated into the design of your graphics.

We understand that as a manager or entrepreneur, your focus is on the growth of your business. With you already juggling multiple roles, it is a matter of time before you realize that you cannot handle the creative end of your brand while taking care of day to day business. We know this more than most. We know how to grow brands, the creative and effective way. All you have to do is get in touch with us regarding your creative design needs and we will work from that to come up with ideas which meet your requirements. We’ll take the reins, with communication as a high priority.


“John Lipe really knows his stuff. I was struggling with deciding the next steps for my online business, and John Lipe helped me put things in perspective and move forward. With a mixture of practical and actionable steps, they were a great help!”

Noah C.

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