SEO : A Widely Accepted New Approach for Startups


If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it make a sound? Some may argue that “yes,” it did. But when you expand that idea to the internet, the answer is a resounding “no.” A website that isn’t in the top hits on major search engines isn’t seen. And when a website isn’t seen, it and the company it represents essentially don’t exist.

Search engine optimization is the practice of making your website more visible online, so that when people look for the kinds of things your company offers, your website will show up in their results pages. Without effective SEO strategies implemented by experienced professionals, your website could drop in the pages, and other companies could leave your startup in the dust.

1.  Grow Traffic

Websites that are seen by search engines are seen by potential customers. Every time you show up on the first page of Google, you have a better chance of getting people to come to your website. More popular websites, in turn, get even more traffic. And websites with really high traffic get conversions. If you want to turn your website, and consequently your company, into something that’s talked about, visited, and most importantly selling things, then you need an SEO strategy that works for you.

2.  Get New Customers

SEO protocols don’t simply drive your website up in the results pages, they also help target the right kind of people. At John Lipe, we believe great SEO comes from creativity, not simply from an understanding of search engine algorithms, because specificity can help any company grow. John Lipe has years of experience in SEO practices for startups and small businesses. Our practices and programs have driven more customers to our clients’ websites and, coupled with the right graphic design, they’ve been able to convert casual web surfers into dedicated customers.

3.  Expand Past Your Front Door

Billboard campaigns, mailers, and more are all extremely important when it comes to advertising, but a website lets you reach anyone with an internet connection. For your startup to succeed, it probably needs to spread a wide net to catch the right people. To do that, you need effective SEO protocols that consistently drive people to your website. Without them, you are just one of billions of sights vying for visibility.

4.  Become Part of the Conversation

While many of the major search engines claim they don’t include social media in their results, we’ve all seen tweets show up on the first page. Effective SEO practices will help your entire company be visible on multiple channels. And with the right maintenance, you can join in on conversations with people who would benefit from your startup’s products.

Search engine optimization is no longer an optional aspect of business. It’s a necessity. But there’s a difference between plugging in the right keywords and creating a set of specialized SEO protocols that actually drive people to your startup. At John Lipe, we believe that effective SEO starts with knowledge, experience, and a willingness to collaborate. By working closely with your company, we can create an SEO strategy that will help you grow and become even more successful.