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For those less-acquainted with the matter, SEO is an afterthought. It’s just not a subject that everyone is familiar with – and this reality is something we’ve encountered many times at our SEO company, despite the tech hub here in Seattle. Nonetheless, we are determined to provide top-class services, regardless of your level of knowledge of the field. The John Lipe Marketing Agency has made a name in the digital marketing industry, and our team is driven to deliver powerful SEO services to our clients.

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Our overview of services includes local, organic and competitive SEO. Each program has subcategories that align with our clients’ differing goals. Whether you want the most basic package so you can get your feet wet in the realm of SEO or you want to be head and shoulders above the competition, we can meet your requirements!

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Our SEO Services

Local SEO: Your Vicinity, Your Name

Our local SEO is a great option for small businesses. It’s important for you to be your area’s go-to business; even better if your endgame is to expand your enterprise to a wider area, like citywide or even statewide. You’ll get to know crucial aspects of SEO, and more importantly, attract local buyers to your business, which will enable you to establish your name.

We have Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages – you’re free to choose which option will best -suit your needs and budget.

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For Local Businesses!

Local SEO Services

The Local SEO services are built to grow rankings locally.


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Organic SEO Gold

Organic SEO Services are powerful for small-large businesses.


Organic SEO: Authentic Digital Growth

When SEO is organic, it means that there are no shortcuts to better ranking, and the aim is long-term growth. If you want to rank higher on Google, and you want to do it the natural way, we can help you. We employ proven strategies, and it doesn’t matter if you have no online presence, just yet, or you want to turbo-boost your current ranking. Whichever situation we relish the challenge.

We offer both on-page and off-page optimization in our organic SEO packages, as well as added content and video publications.

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Competitive SEO: Surpassing the Competition

When it comes to our competitive SEO, there’s no hiding that we want you to outclass your rivals in every way. Regular content submission, aggressive rank building and top-of-the-class optimization are just some of the ways we help you do this. If your industry calls for you to employ the best tools to succeed, our Competitive Commercial SEO is for you.

You can’t miss, not with our SEO services! We at our Seattle office can’t wait to start working with you and show you exemplary marketing at a competitive price point.

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Organic SEO Platinum

Our Competitive SEO services will outrank ‘that other’ brand.



“John Lipe has helped me succeed in starting multiple brands. This includes health centers, non-profit organizations, and community outreach programs. Through creativity and precision, we created an immediate value within the market”

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