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Social Media marketing is important in today’s digital marketing landscape. More customers are going online and digital. You need to be more visible if you want to increase your traffic and sales. The process involves a range of strategies that will boost your ranking on local search results.

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Highly Effective Social Tasks.

These include content creation and management, reach targeting and management of your social profiles or pages.

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We offer different social media packages to meet your marketing needs and goals. We’ll provide you with the best plan for you.

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Social Media Services

Facebook: Local Package

This package will improve your local presence and awareness by posting a unique and fully optimized campaign on your Facebook page. We’ll create a custom strategy that includes content optimization, competitor research and brand analysis. The Facebook Local package includes:

• Facebook Page Setup and Local Business Verification
• Localized audiences researched and targeted
• Two Facebook Ads
• 12 High-Quality Original Creatives monthly
• Built-in ad budget
• Monthly report
• (Sold Out)

Perfect For New Brands!

Facebook Local Empowers New Brands.


Master Big Social!

Facebook Pro

Facebook Local Pro Package defines social network marketing.


Facebook: Local Pro Package

Facebook Local Pro is ideal for small businesses that need increased foot traffic and awareness. The package includes strategies, such as content creation and management, brand analysis, and competitor analysis. We’ll set up your Facebook page and verify your local business so that Google will recognize it— increasing your site’s SEO in the process.

We’ll provide 10 high-quality original creatives and share 20 unique and compelling articles in your account. Together, we will allot a specific ad budget to boost each post and make it more visible to your target audience. Monthly reports are also included.

Facebook: Advertising Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to appeal to the right audience and drive them to your website using captivating creatives and compelling Facebook ads. We combine powerful content with expert analytics to deliver your message to your target customers within your area. The package includes campaign analysis and proposal, tailored ad campaign strategy, and comprehensive performance reporting to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. We’ll create multiple original creatives and gather audience analytics.

Our social media specialists will use premium license stock photos for your campaign. We’ll also provide two carousel ads at the start of the campaign and another one for remarketing purposes.

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Facebook Advertising Campaign

Use Facebook Advertising to drive a serious audience.



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Social Media Campaigns to Maximize Your Brand.

Compare all of the incredible features packed into each of our Social Media Services.


  • Unique Social Media Strategy: Content Strategy, Brand Analysis, Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook Page Setup and Local Business Verification (Cover Photos, text)
  • Facebook campaign that can drive foot traffic, local awareness, click to call, leads, or traffic
  • Highly collaborative – tailored content based on the promos of the small business for the month. Email sent every month to the digital agency for information for the month.
  • Localized audiences researched and targeted for their high-affinity with the product or service the small business offer via proprietary affinity targeting based on audience engagement data
  • Facebook Ads (Local Awareness, Click to Call, or Visit Website
  • High Quality Original Creatives monthly
  • Built-in ad budget to boost each post to the unique audience, build audience, and guaranteed reach and impressions per post
  • Monthly Facebook performance report, including content report, audience report, and local reach report


  • Created specifically for small businesses
  • 2 (1 for the first month)


  • Flexible campaign
  • 2 (1 for the first month)


  • Campaign Analysis and Proposal
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy
  • Multiple Compelling original Creatives created specifically to achieve client's goals
  • Audience Analytics - Insights, Look-a-Likes, etc
  • Weekly and monthly campaign report to monitor ad performance
  • Can support up to $1000 per month worth of advertisement spending
  • Can include remarketing campaign on the second month (or if custom audience)
  • Reports: Weekly, Setup report, Analysis, Proposal
  • Weekly Campaign launch and Calibration
  • Premium Stock Photos: each image used is a premium licensed stock photo specifically bought and selected for the campaign
  • Four ad sets, eight creatives, multiple creative tests


FAQs: Social Media Services

“Who is FB Local + Local Pro for?”

This product is primarily best for small businesses (B2Cs) who can attract local foot traffic (such as restaurants, barbers, plumbers, gardeners).

“What does FB Local + Local Pro do?”

These packages provide high-quality creatives that deliver on the brand’s main message, regardless if it’s for trial, consideration, awareness, or retrial. Each post is then targeted to a specific localized audience crafted from our industry data partners. We then boost each post for a certain amount to guarantee the reach.

“What do you mean by responsive content?”

It means that the content we are going to post for the account would depend on what’s currently happening in real time. The content itself is responsive to ensure that we’re not posting anything irrelevant.

“Does this include responding to mentions, messages, or comments?”

Not yet! This is actually a separate service that we are currently working on. Contact us if you’re interested, and we’ll put you on the shortlist when we launch.

“What’s ‘Audience’, ‘Targeting’, why do they matter?”

Facebook’s strength in advertising comes with its ability to hone in on people who are most likely to respond well on certain ads. Facebook is able to do this by creating “Audiences” based on interests and then “Targeting” these audiences and attaching other relevant factors such as platforms, behaviors, demographics to create a more in-depth audience. To identify the best audience for our clients, we go a step further by using our industry data research tools to create the best audiences. Using analysis of interactions over social media, we create “Affinities” which is essentially levels of interest to a brand based on actual activity on Facebook. This allows us to create a more powerful audience set and much better targeting which then makes our ad spends efficient and our delivery of the message better.

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