Understanding the Importance of Finding and Working with SEO Influencers



SEO is like modern PR that’s entirely rooted in the digital world. To make things work locally, businesses needs help. And that may come from a local influencer. In PR, these influencers are “brand ambassadors” or “opinion leaders. They are people who have established enough credibility and reputation to reach a wide audience at any given time.

Who Are They?

Influencers are people who can easily reach out to a massive audience, almost at will. They can do this using their inherent charisma and good credibility, which they’ve likely built over a matter of years. Their level of “camaraderie” with people who share their niche (interests) means they’re not only highly connected but also trustworthy and persuasive. What this means is that anyone who can get their approval is likely to get accepted by their followers, too.

Website designers in Perth believe in the power of influencers in local SEO. This is mainly because of the social status of these people—they are high-profile public figures, often considered leaders in their field of expertise. At times, it’s their image alone that makes them industry leaders—think Michael Jordan and the sport of basketball. Jordan’s image and legacy alone as a basketball icon makes him extremely qualified to speak about the game as a whole.

It’s not all about an influencer’s image, however. Oftentimes, it’s about establishing a certain individual as an actual authority and literal expert in numerous facets of their niche. For instance, Prof. Stephen Hawking is one of the foremost authorities on topics like astrophysics and anything related, given his extensive track record in both the scientific community and the professoriate.

How Can One Find Them?

There are many instances or situations wherein an influencer (or even several of them) can be found. A good example is a local networking event, conference, or trade show. Local business owners need to be frequent attendees of these events, not merely for the inter-company connections but also for link-ups with local industry leaders. It’s easy to identify them: they become resource speakers and their names get mentions more than once?

Social media can also be a platform, specifically for businesses looking for influencers in their specific industries. Searching for a specific hashtag or topic is a good way to identify conversations that indicate the individual’s niche. Participating in regular industry-relevant conversations can also go a long way.

Loyal customers frequent a business with good reason. It’s likely someone recommended it to them, they’ve tried it out themselves once and liked it, or the influencer they admire is promoting the business (or its niche). It doesn’t necessarily involve asking customers outright about the people they consider as inspiration; it’s as simple as asking them which blogs and news sites they follow, which events they attend, and which shows they watch.