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When you work with us, we’ll show you how to improve your search rankings, increase your site traffic, and grow your sales. We understand how to build a business from a profit driven mindset. We implement proven tasks and success driven goals for every client.

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Define your visual identity through expert creative direction, followed by top-tier marketing like websites, campaigns, and imagery.

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We’ll show you the fastest, most efficient path to success while advising you on the pitfalls that claim the average new business. Our mission is to provide Seattle with exemplary marketing assistance.


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Powerful Services That Grow Brands

Strategy Consulting

Where you are, we’ve been already. John Lipe founded five companies in the first decade of his career. Now, our marketing agency in Seattle has experts ranging in multiple fields of expertise. From startups to revenue generation, or big industry to future global trends. When we consult with you, you learn what we know, you clear the same pitfalls that have taken so many other potential businesses. Wouldn’t it be nice to succeed without trial and error for once? The time is now.

Our Strategy Consulting Services:

Branding, & Web Development

John Lipe made his mark in this industry through the tactful art of mastering brand development. Now, we as a team do the same for all of our clients. Visual selling is a number one priority. Customers are attracted visually before any word is read, or link is clicked. We’ll help you and your team produce the high-quality content and brand identity you need to succeed.

Our Branding Services:

SEO Services , & PPC Management

We offer a very large variety of growth marketing services to help you get the traffic, sales, and content that you need to be successful. We have collaborated with partners throughout the globe to bring you the best marketing possible, at the most efficient price point. Browse all of our marketing services, and decide for yourself which you believe would be best to grow your business. Then, simply contact us, and we’ll do the rest.

Our Marketing Services:

Ranked TOP 1% Globally

For Corporate Brand Identity & Advertising – Elance/Upwork

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Every Client Project, Country Impacted, or Growth Service Offered, always leaves us wanting more, Coffee.


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From Startups to Corporations, We Make Our Clients Stand Out.

Here’s just a glimpse into the long list of global brands that our clients now work with:


“John Lipe understands a brand needs to connect with an audience and, more importantly, drive action. Him and his team created a compelling story that resonated with our market segment and separated us from the sea of channel partners, grabbing the attention of Microsoft and Amazon.”

Terri J.
Former Marketing Director – Seattle Startup

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